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Your AC coils form some of the most important components in your HVAC system and are responsible for normal air conditioning operation. Like all HVAC components, your coils need regular cleaning and maintenance to function properly. 

All-Star Service offers professional AC coil cleaning in Valparaiso, IN. We believe homeowners deserve exceptional services and will not rest until we achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

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What Do AC Coils Do?

AC coils represent some of the most crucial air conditioning components and come in two main types. The evaporator coil sits in the unit in your house and uses pressurized coolant to extract heat from your home to move it outside. Fluid in the evaporator coil first passes through the expansion chamber, rapidly cooling the fluid. 

The other AC coil is the condenser coil. You can find the condenser coil in the unit outside your house, and it effectively mirrors the evaporator coil function. The condenser coil takes the heated fluid from the evaporator coils and removes the heat outside your house. Before entering the condenser coil, the compressor pressurizes the coolant fluid, raising its temperature. 

The interplay between these two coils allows your air conditioner to remove heat from your home and produce cold air. If one of these coils fails, your HVAC system cannot do its job. One of the most common signs of a broken coil is if your HVAC cannot produce cold air. 

Why Should I Clean My AC Coils?

AC coil cleaning is a core part of standard AC maintenance. Your coils’ ability to efficiently transfer heat depends on their exposed surface area. When dirt and grime cover the exposed portions of the metal, it negatively affects heat transfer. 

Cleaning your coils keeps them clean and more capable of doing their job. In fact, coil cleaning, in addition to regular preventative maintenance, can reduce annual energy bills by as much as 15%

Signs You Need AC Coil Cleaning

Ideally, you should clean your AC coils once a year or every time you schedule regular maintenance. However, you may need coil cleaning in between those sessions. If you experience any of the signs below, you should consider scheduling an AC coil cleaning in Valparaiso, IN. 

Rising Utility Bills

The most common sign that you need a coil cleaning stems from rising utility bills. With dirty coils, your AC has to work harder to produce the same results. The outcome means your energy bills get higher while HVAC performance stays the same. Coil cleaning can help reduce your HVAC bills, especially during periods of high AC usage during the summer. 

Longer Cycles Than Normal

The typical AC cycles for about 15-20 minutes twice every hour or so. Your AC kicks on when temperatures slip away from programmed values. If your AC runs longer than normal, the problem could be dirty coils.

Poor Cooling Performance

Another obvious sign of dirty coils stems from poor AC performance. Dirty coils can’t remove heat effectively, so your AC won’t be able to produce sufficient amounts of cold air. A lack of cool air could result from several issues, so check for alternative causes before cleaning your coils. 

Why Hire Us?

All-Star Services strives to provide quality HVAC services for an affordable price. Below we list just a few reasons to choose us over our competitors. 


We have over a decade of professional service in the Valparaiso area and have experience servicing all kinds of heating and cooling systems, including forced air, split, and ductless systems. We can use our extensive experience and industry know-how to find efficient HVAC solutions. 


Quality is the name of the game with us, and we aim to bring the best craftsmanship. All technicians receive substantial instruction and on-the-job training. We promise to provide high-quality work for every job we do.  


We understand the importance of outstanding customer service. We offer affordable and transparent pricing, and we always show up excited and prepared for the job!

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