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Trouble With Your Air? Your Ductwork Could Be the Culprit

Central heating and cooling just wouldn’t be possible without modern-day ductwork. Still, ductwork comes with its own set of challenges. 

Over time, dust and debris collects in your air ducts and settles in hard-to-reach areas. As your heater or AC continues to run, the airflow picks up the debris and disperses it throughout your home. This can result in a number of problems, such as allergy and asthma symptoms, HVAC repairs and more. 

But just because your home has ductwork doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. All it takes is routine duct cleaning to remove that debris before it can build up and contaminate your indoor air.

We’ll Clean the Areas You Can’t See

At All-Star, we use professional equipment designed specifically for duct cleaning. This allows us to reliably clean those hidden, hard-to-reach areas where dirt and debris love to settle.

If you think about other areas of your home that are tough to reach, such as behind the refrigerator, you can imagine how dirty your air ducts must be! In just one day, we’ll remove years’ worth of debris that’s impacting your indoor air and your HVAC equipment. Routine duct cleaning can have a huge impact on alleviating your symptoms and prolonging the life of your heater and air conditioner. It can also reduce your energy bills because the cleaner your HVAC equipment is, the more efficiently it can operate.

Get Your Ducts in a Row With a Quality Cleaning

It’s easy to overlook the things you can’t see. But when it comes to something like your ductwork, it’s important to realize everything inside your air ducts will eventually reach you. That’s why it’s crucial to have your ductwork regularly cleaned by trained professionals who have the proper equipment and experience to do a reliable job. We’ll help you get your ducts in a row so you can breathe better and feel better knowing your air is as clean and safe as possible.


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