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When it comes to heaters, most people think the product is the most important piece of the puzzle. While this is no doubt important, we’d argue that the installation is even more crucial. After all, what good is the most impressive product if it wasn’t installed correctly?

At All-Star Service, we know how important the installation work truly is. Whether your heater has reached the end of its life or you’re looking to get ahead of the game and upgrade, we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. This includes learning more about your needs to recommend the right system, ordering the unit on your behalf and flawlessly installing the new unit and showing you how to use it. We know that the quality of our installation work will directly impact your comfort and your finances for years to come. That’s why we follow an established process to ensure a smooth, hassle-free replacement that will serve you and your family well.

When Do I Need to Replace My Heater?

Many times, homeowners don’t know whether they should repair their heater or replace it. During a free onsite estimate, we’ll take a close look at your heater and share our professional opinion with you. There are a number of reasons why you might want to replace your heater rather than repair it, such as:

  • The heater needs frequent repair work. All of those repair costs add up. If your heater breaks down frequently, you’re likely to save more in the long run by replacing it. Plus, by upgrading to a newer and more efficient unit, you will lower your long-term energy costs. 
  • The necessary repair is expensive and your heater is older. If you’re facing an expensive repair, you might want to consider investing in a new system. Keep in mind that a new unit shouldn’t require repair work for quite some time, but an older unit might. If the cost between repair and replacement are close, we’ll always suggest replacing it because you’ll get more for your money in the long run. 
  • Your home layout has changed or your system wasn’t properly sized. If you’ve added onto your home, you may need to re-evaluate your heating strategy. We’re the experts at system sizing and can advise you on how much heating capacity you’ll need based on your home layout. Upgrading to an appropriately sized heater will eliminate hot and cold spots and prevent the heater from burning out and overworking itself.
  • The heater is older and starting to decline. Heaters typically last 10 to  years. If your unit is approaching the 20-year mark, you might want to consider replacing it before it fails permanently. Plus, you will be amazed by how far HVAC technology has come and the various comfort features today’s systems offer.

If It’s Not Good Enough for Our Home, Then It’s Not Good Enough for Yours

We are big believers in the Golden Rule and treating our customers how we would want to be treated. This means partnering with reputable manufacturers and only installing the products we would want in our own homes. 

When it’s time to replace your heater, we are committed to providing the products and services that will:

  • Be the right solution for your needs and budget
  • Help you save money on your energy costs
  • Give you year-round peace of mind backed by reliable manufacturer warranties

Elevate Your Comfort With All-Star Service

Heating technology has come a long way over the past couple of decades. From zoning capabilities to programmed scheduling, you can greatly enhance your comfort while saving on your energy bills. Here at All-Star, we’ve been performing heating installations for decades and are the team you can trust to do a flawless job the first time around. Let’s get rid of that old rickety heater and replace it with a reliable, energy-saving system that will increase your comfort at a lower long-term cost!

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